Sunday, February 18, 2007

Task 7 - Explore Wikipedia

I went to

I created an account. I am MrsB2.0Librarian, this is my Wikipedia username.

Once I was logged in I found the entry for Palos Verdes Library District!

I edited the page. I added info about Live Homework Help..."The Palos Verdes Library District offers LIVE HOMEWORK HELP!! All you need is a library card and then you can get help from a live tutor 7 DAYS A WEEK, from 1pm-10pm. Free tutoring in Math, Science, Social Studies and English! For grades 4-12 and College Into! Go to our website and click on the icon for LIVE HOMEWORK HELP powered by Enter your library card number and you are ready to talk with your personal tutor. Click here to see a demo:"

Then I saved the changes.

Using Wikipedia was so easy and very easy to post too.

Why is it important to know about Wikipedia and understand how it works?

Wikipedia is an interesting beast. It is good to know how it works, because it will lead you to think more critically about the information that is on it. I find that because anyone can edit information it may not be accurate. But understanding it will help me use this resource more accurately.

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