Friday, February 9, 2007

Task 5: Explore Flickr

1. Go to and learn about this popular image hosting site...Easy went there!
2. Create a Flickr account...Created an account!
2. Have some Flickr fun and discover some Flickr Services. There are neat services, API Documentation to set up your own programs! FEEDS, I might add a few to my BlogLInes!

3. Post a photo, and link it to your blog.
See in the other post above! I also left up my Flickr test.

4. Why is tagging so important? Tags help you find photos which have something in common. You can assign as many tags as you wish to each photo.

5. What is your favorite feature on Flickr? It is so easy to post photo's to your blog! I think I like that feature! And viewing the slide show of photo's cool!

6. Check out the user groups... what is an online community? An Online Community is A virtual community. A group whose members are connected by means of information technologies! Like Flickr! As Flickr states; "Groups are a fabulous way to share photos and conversation, either privately or with the world. "


Louise said...

You answered all the questions! I wouldn't have thought to do that until I saw your post.

Jennifer A. said...

Good job with the Flickr stuff. And by the way - that photo of you....SOOOOO SEXYY!!!!!