Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Task 6: Im

Parts 1-3 were easy!

My name:

Part 4. Learn what the Buddy List does and how it can be useful.

The buddy list is the list of all your buddies! All your friends that have an AIM name.
This can be very useful, image I am on the desk and having trouble figuring out which book a patron is talking about, if Louise is on I could Im her and ask here if she knows the book based on the patron's description.

Parts 5-7 EASY!!

Part 8a. Copy and paste the auto reply and post it in your blog:
here it is........

kathyb2point0 (3:47:59 PM): Hello!Auto Response from PVLD2007 (3:47:59 PM): Congratulations! You have successfully sent an Instant Message. Please copy and paste this text into your blog.

Part 8b. Post why the Buddy List is significant in your blog...that is what I am doing right now!

I love the buddy list it helps you be connected and communicate without being in the same place, it is fun and helpful too!

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