Saturday, March 3, 2007

Task 10 - Explore

I already had a Myspace account. I got one a couple of years ago when
there was a buzz around the library about it. And then I never went
back, until now. I updated the pic. I changed it. I used to have a pic
of my puppets, but now it's me. The same me that is on my blog.

I finally did the profile and I added a bunch of people! And even this
week one of my old college buddies found me! Which is awesome!

I added some other friends and musicians and people! And now I have more friends!

Come be my friend at My space!

What are the benefits and pitfalls of
It is a great way to connect, if your info is public anyone can see it.
Beware Identity Theft and more... another draw back is another thing to

Why is so popular? Because you can chat with your friends and have fun and show great pics! It can be an information site too!

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