Saturday, March 3, 2007

Summarize your experiences during the Learning 2.0 Project.

Oh the 2.0 Project...
I loved it! It was fun and cool and I can't wait to get my prize! If Summer Reading has taught me anything, incentives and prizes work! For all ages!

- What was the most important thing that you learned? Using RSS and finding Bloglines.
Why? I have been wanting to read blogs for awhile, but how to find them and then how to keep up with them and Bloglines was the answer to all those questions!

- What was most challenging? The RSS was the most challenging too.
Why? First I didn't understand what it was, but with a little help from Laurie, David and Jenn I got. And then it just hit me and I understood. Now I realize how great it is!

- How can PVLD use these technologies to deliver or improve library services?
Well I already have a storytime blog and I think we should have a Summer Reading Blog and maybe a Myspace page. Keeping on top of technology will help us with our consumer relationships.

- How successful was the “self-directed” learning model? It was great! I loved doing it on my on time, when I felt like it and it was simple to do. I love following directions and I love having a goal, it really inspires me to finish.

Is this a useful way of encouraging staff development? YES! I think we should have a Learning 2.5!

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